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Table of apartments

Apartment numberFloorNumber of roomsSurfaceStatus
A.1.10 floor128.52 m2SoldView
A.1.20 floor361.54 m2FreeView
A.1.30 floor483.54 m2FreeView
A.2.41 floor242.08 m2FreeView
A.2.51 floor243.32 m2FreeView
A.2.61 floor361.88 m2FreeView
A.2.71 floor245.17 m2FreeView
A.2.81 floor245.04 m2FreeView
A.2.91 floor246.08 m2FreeView
A.2.101 floor361.54 m2FreeView
A.2.111 floor484.54 m2FreeView
A.3.122 floor242.08 m2SoldView
A.3.132 floor241.88 m2SoldView
A.3.142 floor361.88 m2FreeView
A.3.152 floor245.17 m2FreeView
A.3.162 floor245.04 m2FreeView
A.3.172 floor246.08 m2FreeView
A.3.182 floor361.54 m2FreeView
A.3.192 floor484.54 m2FreeView
A.4.203 floor242.08 m2FreeView
A.4.213 floor243.32 m2FreeView
A.4.223 floor361.88 m2FreeView
A.4.233 floor245.17 m2FreeView
A.4.243 floor245.04 m2FreeView
A.4.253 floor246.08 m2FreeView
A.4.263 floor361.54 m2FreeView
A.4.273 floor484.54 m2FreeView
B.1.280 floor245.55 m2FreeView
B.1.290 floor358.76 m2SoldView
B.1.300 floor360.68 m2FreeView
B.1.310 floor246.76 m2FreeView
B.1.320 floor249.35 m2FreeView
B.2.331 floor245.03 m2FreeView
B.2.341 floor480.46 m2FreeView
B.2.351 floor360.05 m2SoldView
B.2.361 floor247.04 m2FreeView
B.2.371 floor246.54 m2FreeView
B.2.381 floor359.98 m2FreeView
B.2.391 floor247.41 m2FreeView
B.2.401 floor362.07 m2FreeView
B.2.411 floor246.01 m2SoldView
B.2.421 floor374.61 m2FreeView
B.3.432 floor245.03 m2FreeView
B.3.442 floor480.46 m2FreeView
B.3.452 floor360.05 m2FreeView
B.3.462 floor247.04 m2FreeView
B.3.472 floor246.54 m2FreeView
B.3.482 floor362.37 m2FreeView
B.3.492 floor247.41 m2FreeView
B.3.502 floor362.07 m2FreeView
B.3.512 floor246.01 m2SoldView
B.3.522 floor374.61 m2FreeView
B.4.533 floor245.03 m2FreeView
B.4.543 floor480.46 m2FreeView
B.4.553 floor360.05 m2FreeView
B.4.563 floor245.29 m2SoldView
B.4.573 floor246.54 m2FreeView
B.4.583 floor362.37 m2FreeView
B.4.593 floor247.41 m2FreeView
B.4.603 floor362.07 m2FreeView
B.4.613 floor246.01 m2SoldView
B.4.623 floor374.61 m2FreeView