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Table of apartments

Apartment numberFloorNumber of roomsSurfaceStatus
A.1.10 floor128.52 m2Sold -
A.1.20 floor361.54 m2Free View
A.1.30 floor483.54 m2Sold -
A.2.41 floor242.08 m2Sold -
A.2.51 floor243.32 m2Sold -
A.2.61 floor361.88 m2Free View
A.2.71 floor245.17 m2Sold -
A.2.81 floor245.04 m2Sold -
A.2.91 floor246.08 m2Sold -
A.2.101 floor361.54 m2Free View
A.2.111 floor484.54 m2Free View
A.3.122 floor242.08 m2Sold -
A.3.132 floor241.88 m2Sold -
A.3.142 floor361.88 m2Sold -
A.3.152 floor245.17 m2Sold -
A.3.162 floor245.04 m2Sold -
A.3.172 floor246.08 m2Sold -
A.3.182 floor361.54 m2Free View
A.3.192 floor484.54 m2Free View
A.4.203 floor242.08 m2Sold -
A.4.213 floor243.32 m2Sold -
A.4.223 floor361.88 m2Free View
A.4.233 floor245.17 m2Sold -
A.4.243 floor245.04 m2Free View
A.4.253 floor246.08 m2Free View
A.4.263 floor361.54 m2Free View
A.4.273 floor484.54 m2Sold -
B.1.280 floor245.55 m2Sold -
B.1.290 floor361.19 m2Sold -
B.1.300 floor360.68 m2Sold -
B.1.310 floor246.76 m2Sold -
B.1.320 floor249.35 m2Sold -
B.2.331 floor245.03 m2Sold -
B.2.341 floor480.46 m2Sold -
B.2.351 floor360.05 m2Sold -
B.2.361 floor247.04 m2Sold -
B.2.371 floor246.54 m2Sold -
B.2.381 floor362.37 m2Free View
B.2.391 floor247.41 m2Reservation View
B.2.401 floor362.07 m2Free View
B.2.411 floor246.01 m2Sold -
B.2.421 floor374.61 m2Free View
B.3.432 floor245.03 m2Sold -
B.3.442 floor480.46 m2Sold -
B.3.452 floor360.05 m2Free View
B.3.462 floor247.04 m2Sold -
B.3.472 floor246.54 m2Free View
B.3.482 floor362.37 m2Sold -
B.3.492 floor247.41 m2Sold -
B.3.502 floor362.07 m2Free View
B.3.512 floor246.01 m2Sold -
B.3.522 floor374.61 m2Free View
B.4.533 floor245.03 m2Sold -
B.4.543 floor480.46 m2Sold -
B.4.553 floor360.05 m2Sold -
B.4.563 floor245.29 m2Sold -
B.4.573 floor246.54 m2Sold -
B.4.583 floor362.37 m2Sold -
B.4.593 floor247.41 m2Free View
B.4.603 floor362.07 m2Free View
B.4.613 floor246.01 m2Sold -
B.4.623 floor374.61 m2Sold -